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Welcome to Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church

Live streams are Saturday - 4:30 PM, Monday - 6:30 PM, Tuesday & Thursday - 12:00 PM.

From the Pastor's Desk

Dear Friends,

The Office of Pastor is critical to the life of the Church. The Bishop of Rome, the Pope, the bishop of a Diocese, the pastor of a parish are symbols of the unity of the Church in Christ. I have been pastor of Our Lady of Guadalupe since February of 2o16. Much growth has occurred during these years which includes leading the parish through the current pandemic.

Every six years pastors are evaluated and assessed by the Bishop. I am glad to inform you Bishop Edward Malesic has renewed my appointment for the next six years. This appointment can be renewed again. It is my prayer that our parish may continue to grow and I may draw you into deeper union with Christ and each other.

My primary mission as Pastor is to empower faith! The Gospel today reveals a request from the early apostles and I hope all of us are asking of the Lord: Lord, increase our faith! Faith is our relationship with Jesus along with our relationship with each other in the Church. Our Baptism puts us in a position to increase our faith if we follow through on our commitments. These commitments are Sunday Eucharist, charity for the poor, active involvement in the Church's life, education and formation in the Church, and daily prayer and study. These are the primary ways we can have deep faith.

I met with our Parish Finance Council this past Wednesday. We are asking you to continue and commit to our parish through regular financial donations that sustain and help our parish grow. We are having a commitment Sunday in November to celebrate our financial engagement and obligation. In the meantime, please give as best as you are able to our parish.

Thanks to all who participated in our adult formation as we studied the Book of Revelation with Father Gerald Bednar. The gatherings on Tuesdays in September were a great success because so many attended and deepened our knowledge of the sacred Word of God.

Prayer and love,
Father Kevin

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