Did you know?

Every parish in the Diocese of Cleveland has been included in a cluster of other parishes.  Each cluster is expected to explore ways that they can work together to effectively improve the vibrancy of the presence of the Catholic Church in the area.

The other parishes in our cluster are:

Mother of Sorrows, Peninsula
St. Barnabas, Northfield
St. Mary, Hudson

Mother of Sorrows
6034 S Locust St
Peninsula, OH 44264
St. Barnabas
9451 Brandywine Rd
Northfield, OH  44067
St. Mary
340 N. Main St
Hudson, OH  44236


Within our cluster of parishes, Masses are celebrated:

Sat. vigil: * 4:30 at OLG
* 5:00 at Mother of Sorrows
* 5:00 at St. Barnabas
* 5:30 at St. Mary’s
Sunday: * 8:00 at OLG
* 8:30 at Mother of Sorrows
* 9:30 at OLG
* 10:00 at St. Barnabas
* 11:00 at Mother of Sorrows
* 11:30 at St. Mary’s
* Noon at OLG
* 5:30 Sunday evening at St. Mary’s and St. Barnabas.
Weekdays: * at 7:00  at St. Barnabas
* at 7:30  on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at St. Mary’s
* at 8:30  on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday at OLG
* at 8:30  on Thursday at St. Barnabas
* at 8:30  on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at Mother of Sorrows
* at 9:00  on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday at St. Mary’s
* at 6:30  on Monday evening at OLG
* The only Saturday morning Masses within our cluster of parishes are at:

  • 8:30 am at St. Barnabas and
  • 9:00 am at St. Mary’s