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Keep Christ in Christmas Poster Contest

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The Knights of Columbus are holding a poster contest that reflects on the theme of “Keep Christ in Christmas”. Contest runs until 12/31/18.

Knights of Columbus Keep Christ in Christmas Poster Contest

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Each poster must reflect the “Keep Christ in Christmas” theme with a visual image. There is no limit to the number of posters each contestant may submit.


The Knights of Columbus “Keep Christ in Christmas” Poster Contest is open to all young people between the ages of 5 and 14. Age eligibly is determined by the age of the contestant as of December1.

Age Groups

Contest entrants compete in one of three age groups – ages 5 through 7, ages 8 through 10 and ages 11 through 14.

Contest Levels

There are up to five levels of competition: Council, District, Regional, State and International.


  1. Posters must reflect the theme of “Keep Christ in Christmas”.
  2. Each poster should be the original work (including concept, layout, slogan and any visual images) of a single person.
  3. Poster must be 11 X 17 inches in size. If pastels, chalk or charcoal are used the poster must by laminated or covered with clear plastic.
  4. Each poster must be submitted with a Knights of Columbus’ “Keep Christ in Christmas” Poster Contest entry form. The name and age of the entrant must be printed on the reverse side of the poster, in case the poster and entry form are separated. Forms can be obtained from the Kiosk in the vestibule or from Katie Drager.
  5. All entries must be turned in by Monday 12/31/18 to either the office or Katie Drager. Posters become the property of the Knights of Columbus Supreme Council and may not be returned.


Judging teams will consist of Knights members, students, Catechist, pastor.

(30 Points) Slogan: How clearly is the theme presented?

(30 Points) Visuals: How well do the visuals convey the message?

(40 Points) Overall Impact: How effective was the poster in capturing the attention and causing someone to reflect on the


Dates to Remember:

12/31/2018 – Last day to submit posters.

01/13/2019 – Announce the winning posters.

Awards (Each age group will have the following awards.)

First Place – $25.00

Second Place – $10.00

Third Place – $5.00

Any questions, please contact Donald Burke at 216-509-7797.