Welcome to the Home Page of the Youth Group

Here’s what you can find on these pages . . .

  • Schedule of current teen/pre-teen activities
  • Permission slips
  • Introduction to teen/pre-teen group activities – a sampling of what sorts of things we get involved with – SERVICE – FIELD TRIPS/OUTINGS – and TEEN MEETINGS
  • Photo Section – see the FUN for yourself!
  • “Hidden Passages” – contest – check it out!
  • Teen Prayer Corner

ALL OLG Teens & their friends are invited to ALL teen events – If you see something that interests you, call, or just show up!

(Coming to teen meetings does give you more input as to what the group decides to do, though!)

If you need additional information

email: Fr. Kevin Shemuga, Pastor

A kindly priest was in the habit of visiting his parishioners, and at times, sharing meals with them.  On this day, he visited the home of a woman.  Seeing the television on, he assumed that someone was home.  He knocked repeatedly on the door, but there was no answer. He decided to leave the woman a message.  He took out his business card, and on the back wrote “Revelation 3:20”.  The next Sunday after Mass, the woman discreetly slipped her own card into his hand.  On the back it read, “Genesis 1:10”.

Look it up! lol!!!