The Sacrament of Confirmation increases the grace of Baptism uniting you even more firmly to Christ. It completes your initiation into the Church, and helps you to grow in faith through your involvement in the parish community.

Preparing for a sacrament takes time and a willingness to grow in faith. This year you will be given the opportunity to become more familiar with the teachings of Jesus, deepen your prayer life, find your place in the Church, and put your faith into action by being a witness to others.

Preparing for Confirmation is a journey. You have been on this journey since your Baptism, and you will continue for the remainder of your life. To help you on your journey, you will have many guides.  Your parents have been your guides and hopefully your god-parents as well.  During your preparation for Confirmation, you will choose a Sponsor and you will have adults and teen ministers who will provide you with information about your Catholic faith and will provide opportunities for formation through prayer and reflection.

To prepare for Confirmation one must:

  • - Have been enrolled and faithfully participated in a formal Religious Education program the year prior to application (PSR at OLG or another parish, Catholic High School)
  • - Attend Mass weekly
  • - Have a desire to be Confirmed and a willingness to enroll in the program
  • - Be at least in 8th grade
  • - Be a Roman Rite Catholic
  • - Be a registered parishioner of OLG
  • - Fully participate in all Confirmation class sessions as well as the retreats

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