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Welcome to Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church

Live streams are Saturday - 4:30 PM, Monday - 6:30 PM, Tuesday & Thursday - 12:00 PM.

From the Pastor's Desk

Dear Friends,

We hear in the gospel about the punishment rendered to a person who refused to forgive:

His master summoned him and said to him, 'You wicked servant!
I forgave you your entire debt because you begged me to.
Should you not have pitied your fellow servant
as I pitied you?'
Then, in anger, his master handed him over to the torturers
until he should pay back the whole debt.
So will my heavenly Father do to you,
unless each of you forgives your brother from your heart."

We can get greedy in many ways, especially with forgiveness! We are quick to judge. This can lead to misunderstanding and unneeded anger! The man in the gospel was understood and forgiven. He failed to do the same and was owed a mere fraction of his debt.

The gospel calls us to understand. Mercy begins when we listen to the hearts of others. This allows the spirit of peace to dismiss the debts owed to us by others. When quick judgments occur, stop, pause, and seek understanding. This allows Jesus to enter our minds, hearts, and loves, causing release, forgiveness, and restoring and deepening relationships. God does this with us, and we are to do the same.

Instead, we prefer grudges and quick tempers. The attitudes cause divisions and turmoil. Of course, it is difficult to persevere in showing mercy to the repeated offense. Can we forgive 70 times seven times? God is the only one who can do the impossible, and we must turn to Him in mercy.

Thank you to everyone who made our annual picnic such a grand gathering. Janet Cox and her committee and volunteers made the afternoon possible. Our Knights cooked and cleaned up. The Hawks and the Chickens tied 7-7. in our annual softball game. We all enjoyed each other, met new friends, and look forward to other social gatherings at our Parish.

PSR begins today. I invite you to our opening Mass on Monday at 6.30 pm. Come and support our children and catechists in this new year of faith.

God bless our Catechists, parents, and children!'

Father Kevin

Father's Reflections

An announcement from Matt Griffith

OLG Summer 2023 Events

OLG Youth Program Apparel Fundraiser

(orders accepted online- Sept. 9 -Sept. 30)

  • - Tshirts Crew necks
  • - Hoodies Polos
  • - Hats Blankets
  • - Bags Masks

Please consider purchasing an item or two to help raise money for the youth program at OLG. The money raised will help us do all of the fun activities and faith opportunities that would like to put on for our youth and their families.

Click the link below to see all the options.

PSR Registration

PSR for 2023-2024 will begin on September 17 and 18, 2023. Kindergarten-2nd grade will be on Sunday mornings from 9:30am-10:30am. 3rd grade-7th grade will be on Monday evenings from 6:30-7:45pm.

Confirmation classes for those in grades 8-9 will be on Sunday evenings again this year. Calendars for PSR and Confirmation classes will be on our website very soon.

*Note- The PSR fees have increased this year. The last couple of years, OLG has been able to keep the fees locked in due to Covid. As we all know, prices have increased with everything and for the PSR program to continue the activities that we are able to, this was a necessity that needed to happen.

The fee schedule per family is as follows:

One student – $60

Two students – $110

Three or more students – $150

For those that will be receiving sacraments this year – First Communion and Confirmation – There will be an additional $30 sacramental fee.

No family will be excluded from PSR programs due to the inability to pay a fee. Scholarships are available- please contact Matt for more information.

There is no family fee for catechists in the PSR program. Volunteers in the PSR rooms receive a 50% reduction in family PSR fees. Please contact Matt for opportunities to help in the PSR program for this year!

Looking forward to working with all of our OLG families, old and new!

Matthew Griffith

Night at the Races

We are so excited to announce that Our Lady of Guadalupe will be sponsoring our Night at the Races again! This year it will be held at Gambitta's Party Center, and it will be bigger and better than ever.  Please mark your calendars for Sat. Nov. 11 and start inviting all your friends.

Tickets will go on sale Sept 1 and this year you will be able to register on our OLG website so start putting together your table of 8 for the biggest savings.

Other options are 2 tickets/1 horse and save $10.  Single ticket/1 horse save $5.  Single ticket is $50.

All tickets include dinner, drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), and dessert.

CAN’T COME??...BUY A HORSE FOR $20. Winning horse pays owner $30.

Registrations are accepted until November 6th
You can also purchase Raffle tickets here for:
Barrel of Booze, Lottery Wheel and $250 gift card collage.
Side Boards will also be on sale.

Call Mary Leben with questions- 330.467.9305

Our Lady of Guadalupe Church
Commemorative Bricks

Mark your special occasion by purchasing a commemorative brick at the newly renovated
Holy Mary Shrine here at OLG.

Your lasting message can be:

  • • In celebration of a special occasion (birthday, anniversary, baptism, communion, confirmation,
    wedding, graduation, etc.)
  • • In memory of
  • • In gratitude
  • • In honor of
  • • In support of
  • • A family, organization or group name
Minimum donation per brick: $100

Please include donation with order. Proceeds benefit the OLG Groundskeeping Fund.

More events coming soon!

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