You’re ready to schedule your child’s baptism if:

  1. You and/or your spouse is Roman Catholic
  2. If married, your marriage took place in a {or with the permission of the} Catholic Church.
  3. You are a registered parishioner of OLG who weekly participates at Mass
    * Infant baptism presumes, and requires, that the parent(s) are practicing members of the faith community.
  4. You’ve participated, within the last three years, in a Sacramental Preparation Program – whether at OLG or at another Catholic parish
  5. You’ve selected Godparents who meet the requirements identified below.

To schedule a Baptism, call the parish office (330.468.2194 x121) at least two weeks before the anticipated Baptismal date. Baptisms are celebrated at Sunday Mass when Fr. Kevin is the celebrant, or on Sunday at 1:00 pm – providing a Baptism was not already celebrated at the Noon Mass that same day.  (Please keep in mind that certain seasonal restrictions may apply.  Additionally, on First Communion weekends [the first two weekends of May] Baptisms may not be scheduled).

Questions or concerns may be addressed with a member of the parish staff. You may call Fr. Kevin (330.468.2194 x124)

If any of the following apply, you will need to speak with Fr. Kevin or Nancy Freibott before making any plans for your child’s baptism:

  1. You were married in other than a Catholic church.
  2. You are not married and are “living together.”
  3. You are Catholic, but do not regularly attend church.
  4. You are not a registered member of OLG parish.
    * If you are an active parishioner at another Catholic parish, and wish to have your child baptized at OLG, you will need to provide OLG with written permission from your pastor before a baptism can be scheduled.

To serve as Godparent, ALL of the following must be observed:

  1. Two Godparents must be selected – one of each gender.
  2. Both Godparents should be Roman Catholic, though one may be of another Christian tradition:

    • Must be registered in their home parish.
    • Must attend Mass WEEKLY
    • If married, must have been married in the Catholic Church.
    • Must be confirmed.
    • Obtain a Sponsor Certificate from their parish indicating their ability to serve as Godparent.


    • In addition to a Roman Catholic Godparent, the other Godparent may be of an Eastern Catholic or Orthodox Rite church.
    • Must be registered in their home parish.
    • Must attend Divine Liturgy WEEKLY
    • If married, must have been married in the Roman Catholic, Eastern Catholic or Orthodox church
    • Obtain a Sponsor Certificate from their parish.

    * MAINLINE PROTESTANT TRADITIONS: (e.g. Lutheran, Methodist, etc)

    • In addition to a Roman Catholic Godparent, a baptized member of a mainline Protestant tradition may serve as Christian Witness.
    • S/He may not be a fallen away or inactive Catholic
    • Must attend services WEEKLY.
    • An unconfirmed Catholic may NOT serve as Christian Witness.

    *OTHER RELIGIONS: (e.g. Jewish, Buddhist, Islamic, Seventh Day Adventists, Mormon, Jehovah’s Witness, Unitarian Universalist, etc):

    • Although individuals of these traditions may lead outstanding and upright lives, they do not believe in the Trinity – a foundation of our Catholic faith.
    • Although welcome to attend your child’s Baptism, they are not eligible to serve as Godparent or Christian Witness.