The Confirmation program here at Our Lady of Guadalupe is a 2 year program usually beginning in the student's 8th grade year with the sacrament being celebrated in their 9th grade year. If your child is in high school and would like to be Confirmed, it is still possible for them to register and begin the program.

The program combines class discussions, group work, prayer, retreats, and service opportunities to help prepare them for full initiation into the Catholic faith. We will learn how the Gifts of the Holy Spirit will work in our lives once we accept them at our Confirmation. We also focus on building positive Christian relationships with each other in order for them to be supported in being that light for others in our community.

Please contact Matt Griffith @ 330-468-2194, ext. 131 for more information.

Class Handouts

Parent/Student Confirmation Meeting-- September 13, 2020  @9:30am   in the santuary.

Here are digital copies of the forms that were in your Confirmation binder that you received at the initial meeting. Feel free to print anything that you might need a copy of.

2020 Confirmation Calendar (Grade 8)

2020 Confirmation Calendar (Grade 9)