A healthy sense of humor is important.  In fact, Jesus probably had a great sense of humor.  Given the unique character of each of the Apostles, if Christ didn’t laugh at times … he’d most likely have been brought to tears!

All that having been said, how about taking a few minutes for a chuckle or diversion.  Each of the following downloadable files has been scanned with Norton AntiVirus and found to be virus free.

Click on the desired link and SAVE the file to your computer (often times, it’s easiest to save it to your desktop).  Then navigate to your desktop and execute (double click) the file you just saved.

Airline Safety How would you feel if you heard the captain of your flight
making this announcement?
Annoyances Looking for a “creative” way to keep an annoying
person busy?  Send them this URL!
Art Check out these brain-teasers!!!
Atheism Everyone has their holiday.  Christians have
theirs.  Jews have theirs.  And so do atheists!
Bad Day You know it’s a bad day if …
Bad Morning(1.5MB) Given Cleveland weather, you’ll appreciate how
back your morning can possibly be. (And be grateful this isn’t you!)
Banking Kids will say the funniest things at the most
inappropriate time!
Baptism This story will give you a “whole new
perspective” on Baptism by immersion!
Baptism by
Needless to say, this won’t be a problem at
Blonde Star
365k (mp3)
This is one that can’t be described.  Get
ready to laugh heartily!!!
Boots In a winter when we’ve had an overabundance of snow, those
of you with children may appreciate this. (those without may appreciate
it, too!)
Bubble wrap Looking for a way to channel stress?
Help is but a mouse-click away!
This is a Shockwave file and requires Macromedia’s FREE Shockwave
Player (which, if not already installed on your computer, can be
downloaded free by clicking
Buttonz Are you, perhaps, bored … or looking for a way to pass
the time.  Check this out!
Cajun Math Test See if you can figure out this applicant’s unique math
Can you read this? Yes, English is a word-ordered language.  But I bet
there’s something you didn’t know about English.  Read on to find
out …
Canine vs. feline  1MB This video clip lets you know who’s smarter!
Cats (2.8 MB) While cats may seem like docile creatures, here’s a
“hidden camera” perspective on how they wake their owners from
a sound sleep.
Celibacy It’s sometimes the result of putting ones foot in ones
Chow Mein Be mindful that this file was uploaded by a pastor who
likes canines, but is not fond of felines.
This is a Shockwave file and requires Macromedia’s FREE Shockwave
Player (which, if not already installed on your computer, can be
downloaded free by clicking
Church Be careful, if you’re going to “snore” in
Commercial  2MB This VISA commercial is downright cute.
Commode Conundrum Imagine visiting the restroom and overhearing this
conversation!  It may well happen to you!
CooCoo Ever wonder what God thinks about how we’re handling
things “down here?”
Courtesy  1.4MB Going out of your way to be helpful and courteous doesn’t
always bring the desired results. (You MUST have a sound card to
appreciate this video clip!)
Cremation Before viewing this comic, be aware that the Catholic
Church does permit cremation.  (click
for more details on this subject).
Dentist  (7.5MB) Imagine Tim Conway as your dentist!  This
skit from the Carol Burnette show will leave you rolling on the floor!
Dishwashers Have you ever wondered “How does a
dishwasher work?”  Look at this, and you’ll know!
Dogs (1.3MB) Dogs don’t always come when they’re
called.  Ever wonder why?
Dr. Seuss A lost Dr. Seuss poem about work has been
found.  CHECK IT OUT!
Election 2004 Will the Supreme Court get involved in 2004?
Eye Test (76.5k) Can you tell under which block the alligator can be found?
FBI In an attempt to thwart homeland terrorism, the FBI has
devised a new method of insuring that the internet is not used against
the USA.
FEMA Finally, as hurricane season is about to begin
anew, FEMA has released new guidelines for building in the flood-plain
areas of the USA.
Flash Mind Reader This “mind reader” will amaze you!  Check
it out – it guesses correctly EVERY time!
Ford (1.04MB) FINALLY, they’ve invented a car that defies
birds.  Check out this windows media player movie!
Fortune Cookies Actually, these are Misfortune Cookies.  And, there’s
as many as you’d like.  Check out this shockwave file.
Funeral Bet you’ve never been to a “funeral” like this!
God and Science Check out this transcript of a conversation between the
Almighty and an energetic scientist!
God exists!!! Though some may question the existence of God, this story
conveys the experience of one “former” atheist.
Grocery Store Technology may be good, but there’s always a
chance it’s gone too far!
Hammer King  (2.9MB) You may consider yourself well versed with a
hammer, but can you drive a nail as creatively as does the man in this
Health in the 21st Century Ever wonder about the facts behind exercise?  Read
through this “tongue in cheek” Questions & Answerdialog.
Helpful child
We complain when kids don’t help.  I’ll
bet the mom in this video clip complains that her child is TOO helpful!
Home Depot
“Larry the Cable Guy” (from Blue
Collar Comedy Tour) speaks of his experience at this noble

Those home improvement warehouse circulars are
extremely helpful in initiating those home improvement projects.
How helpful, you ask?  Watch and see!!!
This video will give you a whole new
perspective on the possible uses of the Invisible Fence!
IRS Frustrated with the IRS?  Try this
IRS Audit While not a recommended approach, it does
bring a smile to the face.
Italian Tomato
Check out the ingenious way the tomato garden
gets prepared for planting.
Large Screen TV’s
Here’s one persons perspective on why the guys go for the
Lay’s (1.5MB) They say you can’t eat just one.
Lessons from Mom Thanks, mom, for having taught me…
Letter of Recommendation When you ask your boss for a Letter of Recommendation,
make sure he means what he’s written!
Library etiquette(2.4 MB) At least the blonde in this video-clip becomes
“sensitive” to the fact that she’s in a library!
Math Skills (4mb) If new math techniques perplex you, perhaps you’d
appreciate the mathematical skills of Ma and Pa Kettle!  Perhaps
the Kettle’s should have worked for Enron!
Health Center
Check out the automated attendant at a local (and
hopefully fictional) Mental Health facility!
Microsoft Ever call technical support (for Microsoft or anyone
else)?  Click here to discover the rigorous screening process to
which all applicants are subjected before being hired!
Mom Song (8.8mb) Imagine everything that Mom would say in the course of 24
hours being condensed into 2 minutes and 53 seconds.  Well, listen
Mona Lisa (625k) Did you ever wonder what the Mona Lisa does for
entertainment?  After all, she sits in the Louvre day after day –
in the same position, day after day.  Take a look at what caught
the eye of one passer-by.
Mother of the
! (1mb)
This woman deserves a medal!  Check out
how she responded to her unruly child.
Mother’s Day This is a story of why mom’s lips remained
chapped on Mother’s Day!
Mouse (712k) Having problems with your computer
mouse.  Viewing this might just help you solve your problem!
Pasta Diet While there are many “fad” diets
that don’t work, this one is foolproof!  If you follow it closely,
you’re guaranteed to lose weight!
Pick a number Follow the directions, and click on the guy in
the lower left of the screen to move on.  This one will “blow
your mind!”
Pit Stop
This video clip demonstrates the power we hold
in our hands!
Political Promises Ever wish you could get even with a
politician?  Check this out…
_ool Fun
Notice that there’s no “p” in our
pool?  We’d like to keep it that way!  This video clip adds a
new perspective to that saying.
Pre-school test Check it out.  Can you pass it???
(If you think this one is difficult, check out the 8th
grade proficiency exam
from 1895!)
Print Screen
Sometimes the simplest of computer commands
just doesn’t work.  Here’s one guys solution!
Printer Problems Ever have problems with your printer?
Maybe it’s got to do with your mouse!
Check out this 8th grade proficiency exam from
1895.  Bet you can’t pass it!
(when you give up on this one, try the Pre-school
Proficiency Exams
It’s just a matter of time before this happens
Quail Hunting Have a little “fun” with the
vice-presidential mishap of 2006.
Quality time Are you tired of hearing: “We never do
enough together?”  Check this idea out!
Spare Time What do you do in your “spare time?”
Safe Sex This graphic covers the topic so well that no additional
words are necessary
School Hotline! How would you react if you called your child’s school and
heard this message!  (mp3 file)
Should House (pdf) When you’re overwhelmed by all the things you should have
done … print out this Should House so you can keep things in
Smiley Face Ever wonder what the back of a smiley-face
looks like?  Well, your curiosity will be quenched in but a moment!

This is a Shockwave file and requires Macromedia’s FREE Shockwave
Player (which, if not already installed on your computer, can be
downloaded free by clicking

Smokers Imagine that you’re in a smoking lounge and
happen to look up at this graphic.  Would it be enough to get you
to quit smoking?
Soccer 4MB Whether you’re an avid soccer fan or not,
you’ll appreciate the “technique” employed by this video clip!
This one isn’t humorous; it’s awesome.It paints a whole new perspective upon our “significance” in
our solar system!
Technology … as understood by country folk!
Theft Can you help solve this crime?
Three little pigs
Tomato Garden Check out Italian ingenuity!
Trade In an attempt to curb government spending,
some have begun bartering.  Look at what this politician got in
Virus Alert! There’s a new and virulent virus that’s running rampant
through the cyber world.  What you need to know to protect
yourself is contained herein!
When I was a kid Remember all those stories your grandparents
used to tell you? Here’s one you’ll be able to share with your kids!!!
Wife’s Prayer This is the wife’s response to the one about Bob’s
Retirement … listed above.
Easiest Quiz
Test your knowledge of trivial facts.Only 4 out of 10 is required for passing!