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THANK YOU for having spent time visiting the Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish website.  If you still have time to spare (before beginning your homework, housework, or yard work), consider spending some time at one of the following sites.

FYI: The latest tactic of pornographers is to purchase domain names of religious websites, when those domain registrations are permitted by their owners to expire. The religious domain name is purchased by the pornographer and used as a referral to porn sites. If you encounter any link on this website which has evolved into a referral to such a site, please notify the parish secretary immediately.

Sites within the Diocese of Cleveland

Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist

The Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist, the “Mother Church” of the Diocese of Cleveland, is now online. Stop by their web site & take a virtual tour.

Cleveland Catholic Diocese Online

This site provides information on all 238 parishes of the Cleveland Catholic Diocese, gives information about the various Diocesan offices, and provides links to MANY sites of interest to Cleveland Catholics.

Diocesan Vocation Office

Borromeo (College) and St. Mary (Graduate) Seminaries are located in Wickliffe, Ohio.  This site provides you with general information about the facility and a means by which to obtain additional literature about vocations and the Seminary.


A rather lengthy list of Pre-Cana programs offered throughout the eight county region of the Cleveland Catholic Diocese.  The Cleveland Diocesan Marriage and Family Office hosts this site.

Pro-life Office

The Pro Life Office proclaims the sanctity and value of human life as a gift from God and the foundation of human dignity, and works to ensure the quality of life at all stages of existence.

The Catholic Universe Bulletin online.

The Newspaper for the Cleveland Diocese, the Universe Bulletin, now has a link on the Internet. Keep informed on Catholic News by checking this site or by buying a subscription for the UB to be delivered to your home.  The UB is published every 2 weeks.

Beyond Cleveland…
… to the Church Universal

Catechism of the Catholic Church

A complete on-line version of the Catechism – complete with a search engine!

Catholic Dioceses on the Web

The National Conference of Catholic Bishops hosts this site, which lists links to ALL United States Dioceses with a web site.

Catholic Relief Services

Did you know that Catholic Relief Services is the LARGEST relief organization in the world.  Learn more about CRS and how you can be a part of the relief they bring.

Christian Classic’s Electronic Library

Writings from the first 800 years on the church. This site is also an outstanding source of writings by Christian authors such as St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Augustine, St. John of the Cross, St. Teresa of Avila, Thomas Kempis and G. K. Chesterton to name but a few.

Christus Rex

Different addresses by the Holy Father, as well as Catholic news items from around the world. Also features pictorial libraries of the Vatican, Sistine Chapel, the Vatican Museum, Bethlehem, Capernaum and a tour of churches around the world.

Diocesan Tribunal: Archdiocese of Boston

How can a marriage be declared null?  Fr. Michael Foster, Associate Judicial Vicar of the Archdiocesan tribunal, answers ten commonly asked questions about Annulments in the Catholic Church.

Human Life International

The original organization dedicated to promoting the sanctity of human life.

L’Osservatore Romano

This is the weekly edition of the Vatican Newspaper on-line.

Liturgy of the Hours

This site promotes the Divine Office; the prayer of the church, through which many faithful (clerics and laity) sanctify the entire day.  This site provides the daily prayer-texts of:
The Office of Readings,
Morning Prayer,
Evening Prayer, and;
Night Prayer.

Mass Times across the country

For nationwide Mass times and locations, phone 1-800-masstimes (1-800-627-7846) or CLICK HERE.

National Right to Life Committee

An important organization fighting to end abortion and prevent legalized euthanasia.

National Conference of Catholic Bishops and the U.S. Catholic Conference Homepage

Home page for the various Secretariats of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. Includes: Catholic News Service; Secretariat on the Diaconate; Ecumenical and Interreligious affairs; Laity; Priestly life; vocations, The Millennium; etc.

New Advent Catholic Supersite

Do you want to know who St. Benedict was? Who were the Albigensians? When were the Crusades? What is transubstantiation? Why do we need confession? You can find the answers here. New Advent is an internet version of the original Catholic Encyclopedia … and more.

Patron Saints

A collection of 650 saints and the more than 1000 topics with which they are associated. Find the patron saint of your political or  spiritual state, your occupation, condition or calling. The site  includes a calendar of saints’ days and illustrated profile pages,  with links to additional resources regarding the communion of saints, canonization etc.

Patron Saints

This site, by American Catholic, lists thousands upon thousands of Saints.  Learn about ethnic saints, patron saints, and angels.  If it’s not here, it may not be available!

Questions from Catholics

St. Charles Borromeo Parish, Picayune, MS, provides answers to a number of frequently asked questions.


The program can help couples who decide to do something positive about their marriage as they try to work at rediscovering each other in a new and positive way. It is for couples who finally realize that their pain and problems in their relationship will not ease unless they are willing to work at it themselves.


New American Bible

The complete text of the New American Bible

Sunday Readings Scripture Study

St. Charles Borromeo Parish, Picayune, MS, provides exegetical background to the Sunday scriptures.  This site provides a full three-year cycle of scripture reflections for the Sunday scriptures.  Click on the appropriate week/cycle, and it’ll appear as a PDF document.

St. Anthony Messenger

Make a “virtual retreat” or read “St. Anthony Messenger” online.
Also, check out the “Saint of the Day,” sponsored by St. Anthony Messenger.
You can also send a Saint e-card through this site!

St. Barnabas Church, Northfield

In 1967, when OLG was established, we were formed by parishioners of St. Barnabas parish living in the city of Macedonia.  From the earliest of days, there has always been a strong affinity between these two parishes.  Today, many youth from OLG attend St. Barnabas School.

Sister Parishes

OLG – Austin, Texas