Natural Family Planning (NFP) is a natural method of achieving or postponing a pregnancy.  It requires no drugs, devices, or surgical operation.  It is based on the biological reality that a woman is infertile during the major part of the reproductive phase of her life.  With proper instruction, it is possible to recognize the days of fertility and days of infertility in each cycle.  The fertility awareness can be applied to all variations of a woman’s reproductive life, including: irregular cycles, breast feeding, menopause and, low fertility.

Natural Family Planning IS NOT calendar RHYTHM.  The Rhythm Method was developed in the 1930’s and tried to mathematically determine the probable time of ovulation for the average woman.  Modern advances in the science of natural family planning make it possible to profile each woman as an individual.

The Sympto-thermal Method is taught in the Diocese of Cleveland.  Days of fertility are defined by a combination of observable symptoms.  Couples are taught to observe the woman’s basal body temperature, evaluate the natural mucous discharge, and observe the change in the cervix. These changing symptoms occur at the time of ovulation as a result of the elevated progesterone level.

Statistics from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and a recently completed World Health organization Study, indicate that the natural methods have a 98-99% effectiveness rate.

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