Our Lady of Guadalupe parish gratefully acknowledges the gracious contribution of your time and talent in support of your parish. As with any organization, we have certain rules and regulations that allow us to adequately safeguard parishioner’s assets and insure proper internal controls over cash receipts and disbursements.

Complete the Purchase Authorization Request (click here) and provide a vendor/business name, mailing address, city, state, zip code, and business telephone number. Identify the item, cost (or estimate), use or purpose of the item, and the ministry or committee to which the purchase applies. At the bottom of the form, you must sign and date the “requested by…” and return this Purchase Authorization Request to the office for approval by the business manager or pastor.

It is preferred procedure that Our Lady of Guadalupe parish provide direct payment to vendors for approved expenditures, rather than reimbursing a purchase made by you. The former method allows the parish to request reimbursement for the sales tax associated with every purchase. (Please circle the expected method of payment on the Purchase Authorization Request.) Payment will be handled as follows:

· A check request to a vendor or supplier, or

· An original invoice with a known vendor or supplier, or

· A charge purchase on a vendor revolving credit account that the parish maintains.